40 Beautiful Container Flower Garden Ideas

40 Beautiful Container Flower Garden Ideas (21)

gardenideaz.com – Do you want to know why I love container gardens? You can grow plants in almost anything imaginable. A few unconventional container ideas include a hollow tree stump, a watering trough, an old tire or a wheelbarrow. I have even seen an old VW bug left out in a yard used as a container garden; it was adorned in beautiful and colorful flowers. Basically, the question isn’t where to grow a container garden but where can’t you grow one!

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Container gardens are one of the fastest-growing segments of gardening. Containers can be grown where traditional gardens are not possible including apartment balconies, small courtyards, decks, patios, and areas with poor soil. They are an ideal solution for people in rental situations, with limited mobility, or with limited time to care for a large landscape.

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Growing flowers in containers also have many advantages compared to traditional gardening. First, you do not need a yard; container gardens can be set on patios, balconies or window sills. You can move container gardens around to take advantage of the sun, as well as rotate the entire garden to avoid lopsided growth. You can grow plants that would otherwise not be suited to your soil since you have the power to control the pH of your potting mixture. Finally, you vary the display anytime you want and take your garden with you if you ever move!



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