20 Stunning Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas

20 Stunning Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas (1)

Small Japanese garden design is an excellent idea for a walk in the park or even a special wedding guest. It’s quite straightforward to create and all you will need is some simple planning and basic garden tools. You will need a lot of potted plants which are in precisely the same dimensions as the plants in your Japanese garden. Most great gardening books will suggest with the taller ones placed on the opposing side of the shorter ones. Set the tallest plant in the middle of the group.

Using a tiny Japanese garden design makes it easy to tidy up and make it appealing. Simply take any square foot of ground and plant whatever flowers and veggies you would like in that space. Then, plant small shrubs and a more compact bush. The shrubs should be closer to the sun and the bushes close enough to color the smaller plants. These tiny plants will add color to your backyard and maintain the ground soft and green in the summertime. This garden design will work as well in the fall if you enjoy a little change in the lush green grass which you can see from the spring. The Japanese garden layout works well for people who reside in apartments and don’t have a lot of space.

For more beautiful little garden layouts, you can look at a garden with large open spaces with a sandy-colored, mossy land. In cases like this, the plants will loosen up the sun and be cool in the shade. I’ve seen some gardens in which the stones were embedded with an assortment of small stones where the crops grew. The trick to making a tiny Japanese garden design is to use the small spaces wisely. There’s not any point in filling them with heavy stuff because you can’t move them and they add weight to the yard.

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