About Us

Welcome to Gardenideaz.com!

We are 3 people who share the task of giving stories or articles about gardens. We will be professionals in this field and then we will look for people who work in the plantation sector to share ideas.

Our job is to create a website that is as attractive as possible, share on social media the ideas we have got and look for articles about gardens.

If anyone wants to be asked, we can contact us directly at the contact. Share stories and share ideas with our service personnel who are engaged in writing and searching. If there are pictures or stories that are almost the same, we try our best to make original works or take from others who are in accordance with our theme.

Who is this site for?

This website is for those in love with place, shapes and materials, and those who enjoy being organised and at the same time value beauty and harmony in their gardens. And also for those who are keen on decorating whenever a new season, a special holyday or a party should come.

we will try our best !!!

For You, for Me, for Us all will be more beautiful and special by sharing inspiration !!!


Best for Us …

Mei 2019